Friday, May 18, 2012

Larry's Got A Secret Too - Brian W. Smith

Finally…. The long-awaited sequel to Brian W. Smith’s best-selling novel, Nina’s Got A Secret has arrived. Now that Nina’s secrets have been exposed, she is now experiencing a little taste of karma.  Nina is not ready to give up the good life, Larry has provided for her and her daughter, Precious.  Nina makes a decision to try to become a better wife to Larry, even if it means dealing with his sexual inadequacies.
Larry thinks he is holding all of the leverage in the marriage, until he receives a note from a long lost enemy. Larry along with his overbearing sister, Barbara is determined to keep the skeletons in the closet by any means necessary.
Brian W. Smith gives his readers a special treat by introducing Lawana (from Deadbeat) as Nina’s cousin.  Anyone familiar with the character of Lawana knows she doesn’t bite her tongue for anyone. Including the character of Lawana gave Nina a chance to get a lot of things off her chest. Also, it gave the readers a chance to really know what was in Nina’s head at the time of the accident.
If you haven’t read Nina’s Got A Secret, don’t panic… You can still read this book. I loved the fact that Mr. Smith didn’t write flashback scenes, the conversations between the characters give the readers enough to be able to play catch-up & follow the new storyline.
The reason Brian W. Smith is one of my favorite authors because he has the ability to write a story I can relate to. I find myself laughing out loud while reading his books, screaming, or even crying, because I have experienced the subject/incident he is writing about.  As a reader of all genres, that’s one of the main deciding factors that I measure a great writer on, the ability to connect with me.
If you haven’t read a Brian W. Smith book… You are truly missing out!!!

4 Stars

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