Saturday, May 26, 2012

Unshakeable Faith - Rickey Teems II

One of the most anticipated e-book collections to hit the literary world is here… Three the Hard Way – featured short stories from The Kings of Literature – Moses Miller, Rickey Teems II, and Brian W. Smith. 

He may not come when you want him to... but HE’S right on time!!!

Unshakeable Faith tells the story of Faith Jones, a young lady that has experienced so many disappointments in her life, from witnessing her mother’s death, losing her aunt, and looking for love in all the wrong places. When Faith is locked up for a crime, she is given two choices – Stay in jail or attend church services.  

When Faith agrees to attend Fellowship Christian Center she gets more than what she bargained for. Will Faith be able to face her past so she can embrace her future? Has Pastor Thompson taken on more than he can handle by offering this young lady a place of solace?

I titled this review – HE may not come when you want him to, but HE’S right on time – because I had a hard time sleeping last night, the irritations of the day robbed me of my peaceful sleep. I turned on my pc and the cover of Unshakeable Faith was staring at me.

This story was what I needed to read. Rickey Teems II has a way of ministering to his readers without being overbearing and preachy.  I love Teem’s epigrammatic style of writing, which highlights the mastery of his craft. I highly recommend you read this novella, along with other Rickey Teem’s titles.

 I promise you will not be disappointed..

5 Stars


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