Monday, May 14, 2012

Two Tears In a Bucket by Traci Bee

So when I started this book, I was actually taken from the beginning.  It starts off as your typical urban tale:   a young girl with a broken family who lives with her Mama and her Mama's lustful boyfriend.  But there was a twist.  The main character, Simone, actually fights back and leaves her mother’s house.  Her mother did some underhanded things to Simone in this book.  She was young and naïve.   But luckily her father was there to keep her grounded and she overcame.  This is another example of parents not standing up for their children and choosing ignorance.  Her mom chose her sleazy man over her daughter. 

So the book continues and it tells of how Simone and her love, Kevin, met.   Now I love me a good urban fiction book.   Wahida Clark is my absolute favorite author when it comes to loving a thug from the streets.   However, Traci Bee gives you a little street but goes deeper into the elements that can destroy trust and a relationship , and doesn’t focus on the streets as much as most urban fiction books.   Now this is a couple that is trying to make it honestly, but you have a crazy “Pilar”  like character, Felicia,  who really thinks Kevin will concede to her delusional self.   The man saves Felicia from tragedy after she begged him to, and boom she immediately gets attached and infatuated with the thought that this man is going to be hers. 

I felt for Kevin.  Because of his decisions he ended up facing some serious consequences and figured out what true friendship and trust were.

What I could appreciate is while reading this book, there were no major grammatical errors.  I cannot stand when I am reading, what could be a decent book, and I  get disturbed by errors that could have been caught by proofing.   I also appreciate the story line, and structure of the book.  The story builds and everything makes sense. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.  This author has gained a new fan. 

4 Stars


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