Friday, October 4, 2013

Review: The Church Show - N.S. Ugezene

The Bridence Network was looking was looking to move past being the 'Best International Network of 2009.' To spearhead their newest venture, "The Church Show," they decide to enlist Clint Raspin, a TV producer who after five years is looking to capture the defining moment in his career. He sets his sights on making “The Church Show” that defining moment even if it means making an under the table deal. 

This secret deal unfortunately backfires and creates a liability for one of the show's leading men. Pastor Gregory Barnes suffers the misfortune of having his church go up in flames. That causes him to point the finger at someone who he made an enemy out of for the blatant disrespect he showed them but he has no idea that the whole time he was being deceived. How will the secrets unfold? To find out, tune in to “The Church Show.”


This was a great book. I was immediately drawn into the story and had a hard time putting it down. There was so much drama in this story it was mind blowing. I couldn't believe how much backstabbing and underhanded dealings went on behind the scenes. 

Clint wasn't a very nice person, in my opinion, out for only himself and would step on anyone just to get what he wanted. I was hoping he would redeem himself at some point, but that wasn't the case. The pastor would have to be my favorite character. This was a man who wanted nothing more than to help his church and ran into so many obstacles at every turn. 

This was a very interesting read, filled with lots of drama and true-to-life situations. The author did a wonderful job of bringing each one of these characters to life. I gave this book 4 stars and would recommend to anyone looking for an exciting read!!!

4 Stars

Billie Jo

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