Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Emotions - Charles F. Stanley

This book was very inspirational and uplifting.  Author Charles F. Stanley did an outstanding job in explaining our emotions and how we can overcome negative emotions.  He said that all the emotions we have come from God.  He explains that God could have just given us good healthy emotions, but that He wanted us to experience fear and other negative emotions that will make us rely on Him for everything.   If we did not have fear, we would walk upon rattlesnakes and bears and have no fear and they could cause us harm.  

Author Stanley also explains that God always provides a support system for us.  He says that the emotions we experience should lead us to God in prayer.  He further explains that we should take stock of our life,  commit ourselves to the Father’s plan, embrace who God says we are, praise God, and then do the God’s work.  He says that God is training us to trust Him for all our needs, conform us to the character of Christ, and use adversity to prepare us for ministry. Stanley also says that there are ten terms for effective service:  verbally, physically, patiently, gratefully, generously, tenderly, forgivingly; devotedly, cheerfully, and honorably.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and give it 5 stars.  


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