Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review: Looking For Trouble - Trice Hickman

Some dreams will test your head and your heart…

John Small may be a successful Wall Street banker, but at heart he's a country boy from the sleepy town of Nedine, South Carolina. John wants to open Nedine’s first black-owned bank. But big dreams can bring big problems—and John’s snooty New York City girlfriend is just the beginning. John is about to learn some hard truths about money, power, love, and loyalty. And when his future, and his family's legacy, is in danger, help will come from where he least expects it...

Alexandria Thornton is a hard-working corporate attorney by day, but she’s passionately pursuing her dream as a spoken word artist by night. Frustrated with her career and her lackluster love life, Alexandria’s ready to throw in the towel on both—that is, until a man from her past reenters her life and changes everything. But her newfound happiness is short-lived when old lovers, lingering secrets, and hidden desires threaten to end it all…

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Trice Hickman has a way of writing stories that draw you in then cradles your heart like a newborn baby. I believe in the gift of prophecy, so I was very curious to see how the characters would deal with their "gift" in this story. The Author definitely did her homework on the subject.

Looking for Trouble has characters that leap off the pages and demand your attention. This book is full of suspense, drama, and some laugh out loud moments. Trice has waved her writing wand once again and have created an unforgettable story.

5 Stars


Disclaimer: Book Referees was given a Free Copy of this book. Our thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. We were not compensated for the review. Thank you for giving Book Referees the opportunity to review your book.

"In memory of my Grandma Allene. I miss you so much, and I know you're smiling down on me from above."
"This book is also dedicated to all the dreamers out there who put their fear aside, stepped up to the mountain's edge, stuck their foot out, leapt forward, and took off soaring!"
The two lines above came directly from the dedication page of my 5th novel, LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, which officially releases today! I chose to start this message with those two lines because both are deeply personal to me.
I love every book I've written, for different reasons, and in different ways. LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, holds a very special place in my heart because one of the main characters, Grandma Allene, is named after my maternal grandmother, Allene Salmon Trice. Much like the character in this book, my Grandma Allene was loving, and wise, and compassionate, and funny, and knowing, and God-fearing. Most of all, she loved her family to no end. Some of my best memories from childhood are of Christmas gatherings at her house. I'll never forget her signature white Christmas tree decorated with sparkling white lights and red doves, or the love that filled the room when our whole family came together to celebrate with good food and lots of laughter. She was the glue that held us together. I felt my grandmother's presence while I was writing this book, and honestly, there were times when I'd talk to her and I felt as though she was guiding me as I wrote certain scenes...but that's a conversation for another time...
The second dedication is meaningful because I know what it's like to face your fears and go after your dreams. I suffered from writer's block for over 15 years before I wrote my first novel, UNEXPECTED INTERRUPTIONS. Now, four novels later, I'm still writing (finishing up my 6th novel right now) and I'm still loving what I do. When I tell you that I feel blessed beyond measure, I truly, truly mean it. I know for a fact if there's something you want bad enough, just stick with it and you'll eventually get it. You've just gotta keep your feet moving! 
I have to give all glory and praise to God for blessing me with the ability to write, the discipline to finish each story, and the tremendous love He surrounds me with that sustains me each day. I also want to thank all of you who have supported me by purchasing my books, spreading the word, writing reviews, and attending my events. You've been a blessing to me and I appreciate you! 
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