Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: Inevitable Act 1 - Johnie Jay


Heart break is no stranger to Angel McCloud.Vowing to give relationships a break. She looks to spice up her life, and she has just the right thing in mind a no string attached fling. After a night out with her girls she decides to give a couple of her potentials a chance to tame her sexual beast. Only problem is she can't seem to get this one guy off her mind. Being left with only a visual to remember him by, she left with a feeling she never had before.

Future Crow, the helpless romantic has now turned into a player. Not looking for a relationship no time soon he can only offer the ladies a night of great sex. Future thinks he has the ladies all figured out he comes across his match who is just like him a women name Kandi. Life has a funny way of playing out when he can seem to get this unknown woman off his mind could it be fate?  

This was a great story. Although it started off slow, but it picked up. With its steamy love scenes, it will have you craving more. The characters were on point with their drama, and the humor was definitely a good addition. Great read from a new author. I can't wait to read more.

4.5 Stars


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