Sunday, February 2, 2014

Review: Weight loss for people who feel too much - Colette Baron-Reid


There are so many weight loss books in the market, so why should you spend another dollar on this book? It's simple - this book is needed. Colette Baron-Reid breaks down the emotional baggage we carry that leads to weight gain.

Most people open diet books and turn straight to the meal plan page, without taking the time to soak in the information given. Yes, you can lose weight eating the right foods, but until you understand why you packed on the pounds in the first place - you are more than likely to gain the weight back.

Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much is a book that focuses on Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance, Being Empathetic, and many more topics related to Weight Loss.

She also talks about the KISS rule:

Keep It Simple
IN-Vision Exercises

There's no easy way around losing weight. You can have surgery - you can drink shakes; you can starve yourself, and you can pop pills - but until you do the work mentally you will continue to be on the never-ending Ferris wheel.

4 Stars


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