Monday, February 17, 2014

Spotlight: Aaron Wiggins - THE HEART (Iris Bolling)

                                                       Aaron Wiggins (JD Harrison)

Describe your character: Jeffrey JD Harrison is an Assistant District Attorney in the city of Richmond. He has a close and loving relationship with his good friends from HS, college and work. He cares deeply for his mother and is highly protective and proud of his younger sister and plays the role of protector and gentlemen to the woman in his life.

He goes through a natural progress and maturity that most men do from being a true ladies man to being a one woman lady and has to deal with a round of broken hearts who are not used to his maturity and decision making in selecting his #1 lady Tracy Washington. He is truly dedicated to his line of work, taking his role and responsibilities on the job very seriously because his goal is to take down gangs and crime, the same two things that robbed his father of life. He works to honor his father who feel in the line of duty and vows not to let the crime and gangs take over the communities of Richmond. JD shows plenty of emotion when it comes to his to loves which are his mission and his lady. He definitely has the potential to be anything he wants politically with the backing of his team of friends who are all connected to the right people so upward mobility is not a question.

Getting some of those ex-lovers out of the way of his career path and overall happiness with Tracy is a recurring them, so his mission is to avoid the drama that seems to follow him around.  I think the audience will get a chance to see the true love and friendship that is alive in the relationship with Tracy. They will also see that certain influential people in his life will do anything to make sure that this love does not withstand the test of time.

JD is a kind, fun, loving man who is respectful, but quick to check and correct those who take his kindness as a weakness in efforts to involve him and his*What are the tips to become a successful actor?

For anyone who is interested in becoming a successful actor I would recommend that they network with as many people on the sets as possible that they are working on. You never know who knows the right people to help you move to your next level of achievement in this industry. Often times like on any job site, we associate and make conversation with those we feel comfortable with. However, when you reach out to that person who you typically wouldn't talk with, you will discover that you and that person have a lifetime of experiences that can be tips, suggestions and guidance to help you on your way.

Also you never know when you will work with that person again and they may remember you when they are asked to aid in casting for a project. That's ultimately how the majority of the cast of "The Heart" came to be.

What are your next projects?

I have a couple of nationally broadcast commercials coming debuting for National Association of Realtors and Sprout TV on PBS. I also have a set of industrial videos for undisclosed agencies that are approaching, which are always fun. Sometimes they are the most exciting because you get sneak peaks at real life inventions before the rest of the world knows about it.

Mostly I will have more exciting interviews for The Heart, so follow the progress of this project and tell your network to tell their network about this amazing project. What if this is the show to but Richmond on the map. Not just as a place where dramatic political settings are found, but future filming opportunities which will mean so much for the beautiful people of Richmond.


  1. A great segment. Aaron is wonderful person, a great family man. I love his healthy eating tips. A sweetheart of a person. He will go far in his career and when he hits it big I'm sure he will be humbled and the same down to earth person he is today.

    Wishing everyone in The Heart Tv Series longevity and much success

    SiStar Tea
    ARC Book Club Inc.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Book Referees. I will have to check out his healthy eating tips.

  3. Wonderful interview with Aaron Wiggins. He's an amazing man with tons of talent. There is only ONE JD Harrison and he is it! #thehearttvseries



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