Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: The Cost of Love and Sanity - Jaye Cherie

Alexis 'aka' Alex Carter has a well-paying job at a recruitment agency, helping companies search for potential job seekers.  Unfortunately, her job just may be on the line, since numbers are down. Although Alex feels as if her job is safe, she needs to push herself harder than she ever has to maintain the security of her job. Alex starts to feel the as though life is quickly passing her by.  She realizes that all that she ever wanted she has  except for being a wife and mother. It seems that every time she gets involved with someone whom the relationship does not work out. She has no idea what she is doing wrong. Will her dreams become a reality before its too late or will she have to think of other alternatives for the life she desires?

When Alex runs into an ex-boyfriend, Nathan Chestnut, old feelings of hurt and betrayal resurface. Nathan is intent on showing her that he is not the same man she once knew. It seems that no matter what he does to prove it to her, Alex puts a wall up or attempts to sabotage their relationship even before it really begins. Will Nathan get tired of Alex and her accusations and move on?

The Cost of Love and Sanity by Jaye Cherie is an okay read. It is a story about a woman who is happy with her career choices but disgruntled by her past relationships. Alex has a hard time getting  past the hurts of the past to let love into her heart? The story was very slow and repetitive to be a 305 page book. This could have easily been a 200 page novel considering most of the story kept going back and forth with the repetitive thoughts. All-in-all this was an okay read at best, nothing more...nothing less.
3.5 Stars

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