Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review: Real As It Gets (Rumor Central) - Reshonda Tate Billingsley

Rumor Central: Real As It Gets by Reshonda Tate Billingsley is the third book in the series and Maya Morgan, dubbed the Gossip Diva, dishes out the scoop on the hottest celebrities. When the latest story comes across her desk that a new drug has hit the scenes, and quite a few celebrities have fallen victim to it, it stuns Maya even more when someone she knows personally has fallen victim to this drug. Maya is even more stunned to find out that this drug, has been circulating throughout Miami and a few of her classmates have also fallen victim to this drug.

In other news, Maya's cousin, Travis comes to stay with them. It seems that Travis got himself into some trouble back home and to be less of a stress to his mom, that is sick, he was sent to stay with Maya and her parents. Maya likes having Travis around, but she is not sure how she feels about sharing her parents with him, since she is used to being the only child. Not only does Travis attend the same high school as Maya, he seems to be just as popular, if not more, especially with those of the opposite sex. Which becomes a serious problem with Maya. Not only, that but her curiosity gets the best of her, and Maya wonders what kind of trouble Travis got himself into back home. When she gets to digging, she finds out that Travis is not the cousin she once knew.

As Real As It Gets by Reshonda Tate Billingsley is the third book in the Rumor Central teen series. Although, I did not read the previous books in the series, this book is a stand-alone novel. It is a novel that touches on a teen issue throughout the United States, no matter what background they come from; drugs are available to teens everywhere. The less expensive the drug is to get a high, the better.

As Real As It Gets shows teens the dangers of using drugs, and the lasting effects it can have on one's family and friends. Although, the novel had a good moral to be learned from the story, it lacked the depth and suspense. Without giving a spoiler to the novel, it was too much towards the end and was unbelievable on how everything came to a head and abruptly ended. Aside from that, it was a quick and easy read.

3 Stars


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