Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review: Painting Your Way Out of a Corner: The Art of Getting Unstuck - Barbara Diane Barry

In the tradition of The Artist’s Way, an exciting program that introduces painting as a jumping-off point for realizing one’s full creative potential in all areas of life.

Based on author Barbara Diane Barry’s popular course Art for Self-Discovery and supported by research in psychology and the science of brain function, Painting Your Way Out of a Corner guides readers through the process of overcoming blocks and expressing themselves freely in painting. Through a series of exercises that emphasize improvisation and risk-taking, readers will learn how to quiet their inner critics and strengthen their creativity. The more we learn to play and accept whatever appears on the page, the more we are able to try new things in life. Readers will be inspired by Barry’s delightful full-color paintings featured throughout the book.

This book was interesting to say the least. It crossed between learning to be an artist and the psychology behind finding yourself along the way. The book included exercises for readers to be able to tap into their emotions through art.
Painting Your Way Out of a Corner is very informative and easy to follow. It just wasn't the book for me. I gave this book 3 stars.
3 Stars
Billie Jo

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