Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review: Nightmare in Niceville - Amberle Cianne


Welcome to Niceville… where it looks like you have stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting. The lawns are near perfection. Everyone smiles at you when you walk pass, and even the dogs find time to catch a few rays from the sun.

Lily Strykes and her family moved to Niceville, Florida a few years ago to get a fresh start on their lives. The past has a way of rearing its ugly head when you have let your guards down.
A fun night out with friends ends up being a night of bloodshed.

Nightmare is Niceville was written by 17-year-old, Author Amberle Cianne. I think this is a good debut novel for someone her age. As she continues along this path – hopefully she will grow to become a great writer. There were some editing issues with this book. There were also some slow and repetitive moments in the story. I did have to remember this was written from a 14-year-old point of view.

(The author is currently 17 – this story was written when she was 14.)

I would love to see Amberle continue to bloom as an author.

3 Stars


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