Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Age of Eve - D.M. Pratt

Eve Dowling, a talented writer for a successful magazine that covers New Orleans society events, is leading an exciting life filled with friends, family and work–until it is turned upside down by a fateful encounter with a stunningly handsome mystery man who ignites her most sensual fantasies. When Eve awakes naked, sexually ravaged and alone in the garden of one of New Orleans’ most historic homes, she begins her search to uncover who this mystery man really is. She tracks him through the dark side of Old Algiers with the aid of one of its most famous Voodoo priestesses to an abandoned sanitarium in the heart of the swamplands surrounding New Orleans. It is there she first confronts two creatures, first described in ancient Hebrew and Christian texts as the Nephilim or “fallen sons of God,” who vye to posess her body and soul and keep her from true love with her mystery man. Is Eve’s battle with the Nephilim to save her mystery lover–and her own life–real or imagined? Does Eve really hold a key to saving humanity from a loveless existence? Or is it all simply a nightmare dream? Read the first book in this series and decide for yourself. -

Overall I really liked this book, but...some parts of the story didn't make much sense to me. For instance, what woman in her right mind wakes up naked in a garden with no memory of what happened to her, and immediately searches for a man that may or may not have done things to you. This was the part that left me in awe and not in a good way.

I did enjoy learning about Nephilim and what they actually were, and the myths and stories behind them .The book was very descriptive and engaging at times, which I enjoyed to a certain point, but less is more sometimes and you get the same effect. Too many unnecessary details can ruin a great book for me and make me want to quit reading it.

4 Stars

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