Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Eve's Mixtape - Volume 1: The Ballad of Revenge

What happens when an affair is ignited by revenge? Love, communication, respect, and amazing sex are the keys to a marriage with longevity. However, when wandering eyes and thoughts become the actions of one, it will leave the other vengeful. In the end, love may not be enough to keep this marriage together. For the Dawson’s, love had become the last thing needed to keep their marriage together. When Eve decided to put her career on hold to stay home with their first child and Shamar’s career started to propel forward with his law firm, things between them started to dissolve. A year of counseling still left something missing from their marriage. After one night out with her friends, Eve would find just what she was missing – in the arms of a younger man. Ignoring the rhythmic beats of a failing marriage and that of a dangerous lover, Eve’s life would take a turn that would leave her looking up at a white ceiling waiting for her chance to live again. While Eve played with her fate, an old case from Shamar's past was on its' own quest for destruction. Cars with dark tinted windows and unknown occupants, death threats, and unmarked packages would turn his world upside down. Faced with the possibility of losing, not only his life but also that of his family, he would make a deadly decision to ensure the safety of his most precious gems. Listen to the tracks of Eve's Mixtape where the turntable was her life, the two records were her lovers, and the DJ was the uncertain future.


 I have to admit that I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the cover also; it's unique and immediately caught my eye. I really enjoyed both Eve and Shamar’s characters a lot, even though there were times I wanted to grab them both and shake some sense into them.

For example, with Eve’s character, I completely understood her feeling like she wasn't appreciated. As women, it's fair to say we've all felt that way at some point in our lives. I don't agree how the character deals with her issues, by trying to spark a flame with someone new. With Shamar’s character, I felt like he was too preoccupied with his job a lot of the time and seemed to be unaware of how he came across as uncaring. Towards the end, I started to warm up to his character eventually. Only because I started to realize the reasons behind why he seemed so cut off at times. With everything he was dealing with, I think it was just his way of trying not to involve his family and ultimately protect them.
My favorite part from this book was that each chapter was a song track. Each song played an important role in each chapter and blended well with the message.

For me, it was a great story about life choices and what people are willing to endure and sacrifice for Love and Family.

5 Stars

Billie Jo

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