Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Eating My Feelings - Mark Brennan Rosenburg

The follow-up collection of comic essays from a self-publishing dynamo, which skewers his struggles with weight and body image, both as a kid in the 1980s and as a gay man in the 2000s. Mark Rosenberg has had more ups and downs with his weight than Oprah-but unlike Oprah, no one gives a sh*t. Coming of age very outrageously as an overweight, soon-to-be gay kid, he learns to relate to others by way of his beloved Melrose Place and Clueless-which serves him well when exiled to fat camp and faced with an opportunity to bribe an adulterous counselor or poison his stepmother by birthday cake-and thinks nothing of dressing as Homey the Clown (in blackface) for Halloween. This sets him up for adulthood in the image-obsessed world of gay men in New York City, where he hires personal trainers he wants to sleep with, applies an X-rated twist to Julie & Julia in an attempt to reach blogger stardom, and has an imaginary relationship with the man on the P90X workout infomercials that becomes a little bit too real. Hilarious, heartwarming (as if), and especially scandalous, Eating My Feelings leaves no stone unturned and no piece of red velvet cake uneaten.


Before reading this book I had never heard of Mark Rosenberg, and that makes me a little sad. This was a great book; I really loved the way he writes. This man is hilarious in my opinion, the way he describes the things that happened to him was so comical. Not too many people can deal with what he has and still have a happy outlook on life.

The world would be a much better place if more people took on life's ups and downs the way he has. The message I got from this book is that no matter what cards you are dealt in life, you control the outcome. Why not have a blast while doing it!!!

5 Stars
Billie Jo  

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