Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: What We Won't Do For Love - Mz. Robinson


What would you do to tame the love you want?  Octavia Ellis has taken the “just say no” approach to love. As a child, she witnessed the ill impact love had on her mother. Therefore, she decides that love is not her thing.
Octavia builds notches on her bedpost with little regret. Her best friend and family members dysfunctional relationships, only further cement her love philosophy. However, a pitcher enters the game to change her lifestyle.  
A smooth brother, Damon Whitmore, enters the scene. His eyes are set on Octavia. However, Octavia has a lot on her plate.  Her best friend is distraught. Her parents are off the hook.  Her business is having bizarre problems. Plus, she has this little problem of getting her crazy jump off under control.  She feels that she has no other choice but to turn to her knight in shining honor. However, the man she trusts has deception stamped in his DNA.

What We Won't Do for Love will have your Jaw dropping at the last page?

4.5 Stars

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