Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: A Room on Lorelei Street - Mary E. Pearson

What a Beautiful Surprise!!!

While conducting my weekly Book Haul, I came across this book. I stared at the young lady on the cover and wondered about her life. Why was she staring out of the window? What was she thinking about? What was she trying to escape?

I have said this on numerous occasions, and it still rings true... "A Book Cover can take a reader on a mental journey before opening the pages of the book." This was the case with A Room on Lorelei Street...

Zoe is a teenager forced to take care of her alcoholic mother. She attends school while holding down a part-time job as a waitress at a local diner. The stress of taking care of her mother's daily needs began to take a toll on her. She decides to pack a pillowcase full of clothes and leave the place she knows as home. She finds a room for rent on Lorelei street and decides this could be the beginning of the end for her troubles.

I could have read this book in one day, but I didn't want Zoe's story to end. I really connected to with Zoe on many levels. I won't say my life was exactly like Zoe's, but I could definitely relate. It's not easy to take on so much responsibility at a young age, but it's being done everyday. I enjoyed reading about Zoe's journey of self-discovery.

"But some things have no words... no grand explanations that can be puzzled together. They come together in fits of time and circumstance, and the lines melt away until it is simply a new life."

Author Mary E. Pearson did an excellent job of creating characters that could invoke an array of emotions from the readers. This is such a great story about holding on and riding the waves of life. You never know what you will encounter, but the goal is to keep pushing through.

There were some loose ends that I wished were resolved, but sometimes in life there are no resolutions. Then again, in the book world... it could mean a sequel!

I highly recommend this book....

4.5 Stars


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