Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: Living The Good Long Life - Martha Stewart


Who doesn’t love Martha Stewart? From bedspreads-curtains-kitchen utensils-cooking -gardening… Martha Stewart is a part of our life in some capacity.

I will say this… When it comes to reviewing advice book, diet books, and etc – there will be a feeling of… “Yeah... Yeah... I heard this before...” I don’t think there’s a perfect health book out there. If there were the bookstores wouldn’t need a section dedicated to health.

Living The Good Life offers useful tips for anyone that wants to make positive changes in their life/health. Martha does an excellent job with the format of this book. The information in this book is very easy to understand and implement in your daily life.

Below are Martha’s 10 Golden Rules….

1.           Eat well
2.  Maintain a healthy weight
3.  Stay physically active
4.  Get quality sleep
5.  Wear sun screen
6.  Collaborate with a good primary-care doctor regularly
7.  Find you passion
8.  Connect with others
9.  Stop complaining - change what you can, and accept what you cannot
10. Stay curious


4 Stars


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